5150 pre workout review

5150 Pre Workout Review

We took this product before a leg session. Find out what we thought of the flavor, effects and after math in our 5150 pre workout review.

Key Ingredients

  • L-citrlline – 4000mg per serving
  • Taurine – 2,000mg
  • Caffeine complex (8 different types) – 400mg per serving

How long does it take to kick in?

It takes 30 minutes to kick in. Though this might depend on your own metabolism and how much you have eaten that day.

What does it taste like?

We tried wildberry. The taste was actually pretty nice and it mixed up well. Does have a bit of an aftertaste. Though let’s be honest, when it comes to a pre we’re just getting it down us as fast as possible!

What’s the serving size of 5150?

This is high caffeine. Let’s put it into perspective. There’s around 200mg in one espresso. So it is like having 2.5 espresso’s in one hit. Caffeine is your friend with pre workout, though not just before bed or later training sessions in the day.

One serving is 10g, mixed with water or juice.

Review what the training was like with 5150?

The packet warns, stim crazy and scary focus. We got a real power increase and energy kick, but no tunnel vission. However it wasn’t like, come up super hard only to crash harder. There was no rage, tunnel vision or euphoria. Just prolonged energy. Great pump too actually.

How did you feel after?

Actually, not much of a crash. More of prolonged energy, which was great. For this reason, I wouldn’t suggest taking it close to bedtime. It might stop you sleeping too well!

Who’s it for?

Def for someone who isn’t sensitive to caffeine as this contains a fair bit! It’s ideal if you don’t want to feel ‘high’ or anything too intense. Good middle ground between Optimum Nutrition Pre and Alpha.

Overall 5150 pre workout review

Good flavour and mixes okay in the hand shaker with water. Perfect for those days when you need a kick up the arse to get yourself ready for your session. Helps you to smash out those extra reps. More reps over time = more muscle gain. Decent pump and not a horrible crash!

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