Alpha Darkside review

Alpha Darkside Review – Insane energy, stim pre workout

Alpha Darkside review –

This is one of our best selling pre-workouts. There are lots of different pre workouts to choose from, all of which have different ingredients and provide various effects. You might have one that gives you a serious pump, another with all the BCAAs and another with a stimulant to really enhance your energy and drive in the gym.

In this blog we’re going to do an Alpha Darkside review. We will let you know what we think of it, what it is good for, and what it contains.

alpha darkside review

Alpha Darkside review: It is powerful

This pre workout is known for its strength. It is one of the strongest pre workouts on the market. We know that loads of pre workouts make that claim, but with Alpha Darkside it is actually true. For starters, the recommended serving is 5 grams, where others can be up to 24 grams. If you think that you are not sensitive to pre workout you could go up to 7 grams. Always best to start on a lower dose the first time though!


So what makes Alpha Darkside so powerful? There are only 7 ingredients and they are:

L-Taurine1,600 mg
Beetroot Nitrate500 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous250 mg
Kigelia Africana (95% Potency)250 mg
Guarana240 mg
Panax Ginseng75 mg
Citrus Aurantium45 mg

Many of these ingredients you will recognise from most pre workouts, such as taurine and caffeine.

One that you might not have seen is Kigelia Africana which claims 95% potency. This an extract taken from the bark of the Kigelia tree.  It has a powerful effect on the mind, and the body too as it is a potential central nervous system stimulant. It is the natural version of DMHA. The synthetic version is taken out of products now, but this is a winner in pre workout.

How long does Alpha Darkside take to kick in?

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to kick in. To get the full benefit from it you need to make sure you are taking it before you get to the gym. One time I used Alpha Darkside and I took it too late and felt most of the effects doing my food shop AFTER the gym, I was clean and pressing the milk and bicep curling bananas. Time it right!

Is it any good?

If you are looking for a pre workout to give you energy, focus and drive. If you’re looking to lift heavy and really push yourself then you’ll love Alpha Darkside. However, you are sensitive to pre workout then this probably isn’t the one for you. I took half a dose to check how I felt and it was enough for me for the first time. I think if I took it a couple of times a week I’d be able to up the dose as I got more used to it.


  • Mixes well
  • Great for strength
  • Huge energy
  • Powerful product
  • Tunnel vision


  • Didn’t enjoy the after taste of the cola – sort of minty
  • No beta alanine so you don’t get the face tingles when it kicks in (which could also be a pro!)
  • Not ideal for late night training if you plan to sleep in a few hours!

Where do I buy it and how much?

Alpha Darkside is sold online at Push and Pull. It is £30 for 50 servings.

Sometimes it can be hard to get hold of. If you are struggling to find it in stock, check out 5150 by 5%. It’s a super-strong caffeine pre workout. You can usually find it in stock on Amazon.

Final verdict for Alpha Darkside Review

So, our Alpha Darkside review it is strong! It’s not for the faint-hearted. But it does give you a real push, particularly when you’re facing a heavy leg day and are pretty low on energy. It certainly gave me the drive and motivation to train harder. Just make sure you take it around 30 minutes before your session. Also, might be best not to take it too close to bedtime as the effects can hang around for a few hours, which might make it hard to sleep.

I probably wouldn’t use it for every session, because it did feel quite intense. If I was looking for an everyday kind of pre workout I usually go for something a little weaker!

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