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3 Best Stim Pre Workout – Smash your session

Sometimes you just need that extra push in your session. Leg days are getting heavier and it’s harder to find the energy you need to push some serious weight. Enter stim pre workout.

What is Stim Pre workout?

A stim, or stimulant, is an ingrediant that stimulates the nervous system. You probably have a stimulant when you wake up in the morning, in the form of a coffee or tea. Stimulants increase the heart rate, boost focus and may even curb your appetite. Having this in your pre workout will help with the tunnel vision focus and may even help you burn a few extra calories in your session.

This type of pre-workout is more than just giving you a pump, a stim pre workout is geared towards giving you razor-sharp focus, insane energy and increasing your muscular endurance.

Are stimulants legal?

Pre workouts which contain stimulants will be legal, however, there have been substances which are now banned in the UK, such as DMHA and yohimbine. Stimulants you might find in your pre workout include, caffeine, theacrine, guarana, Kigelia Africana and many others. You should always check the legal status in your country before you buy a pre workout, as it can vary from place to place.

What are the best stim pre workouts?

Alpha Darkside

Alpha Darkside contains the potent ingredient Kigelia Africana. It’s going to give you a serious energy explosion, so make sure you time it right for when you take it! Darkside really does increase your energy, strength and give you tunnel focus.

alpha high stim pre workout

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5150 from 5% Nutrition is a stim junkies dream! It has 400mg of caffeine per serving for insane energy, as well as taurine, beta-alanine and citrulline. It’s going to give you sick pumps, reduce your need to rest and keep you focused during your session.

5150 5% nutrition stim pre workout

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Gold Standard Nutrition

optimum pre workout gold standard

Here is the stim pre workout from Optimum Nutrition. This might be an option if you are a little more sensitive to caffeine or if you are a newbie to taking these sups. It contains 175mg of caffeine per serving, which is similar to an espresso coffee. You’ll also get the benefit of creatine for strength gains, Beta-Alanine for degreasing muscle fatigue and L-Citrulline for a pump.

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