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Coffee Vs Pre Workout – Which one is best?

Coffee vs pre workout, you might think they are going to do the same thing. They both have their purpose, their pros and their cons. In this article, we are going to explore coffee vs pre workout, helping you decide whether to spend that extra bit on a pre workout or go with your stardard cup of joe.

First up in the coffee vs pre workout chat, let’s look at coffee.

A standard cup of espresso, contains 200mg of caffeine. This is the type of coffee you’d get from a coffee shop or a nice machine at home. If you’re looking at your regular instant coffee it is around 60mg per cup. A high stim pre workout can be up to 400mg!

Coffee is great when you are on a budget. While pre workout isn’t expensive, if you don’t have lots of disposable income to splash out, then it be an unnecessary cost. Your cup of coffee could provide you with some extra energy.

I use coffee before a run. I don’t need the other things that a pre might give you, like a pump or tunnel vision, when I am pounding the pavements. I just want to have enough energy to tank it around the feilds and get some fast sprints in.


  • It’s cheap
  • You’ve probably got it in your cupboard right now
  • It gives you energy
  • It’s bloody delicious
  • Comes in different caffeine strengths


  • No added ingredients for a pump, muscle growth or tunnel vision
  • Not to everyone’s tastes (crazy people)
  • Might not be available

Next on the coffee vs pre workout debate, let’s look at the powdered tubs of energy

Pre workout isn’t just glorified flavoured caffeine. It also contains ingredients to help you with your workout, more than just an energy boost. Some contain things that will give you a sense of euphoria, tunnel vision and a great pump. Not to mention ingredients like creatine which has been researched to prove it helps with muscle gains.

I’d probably use pre workout if I was going to the gym for a heavy leg day. Not every day, just more a session where I need an extra push, and coffee isn’t going to do the trick.


  • Contains other ingredients to help you with your workout and gains
  • Tastes good (if you find the right one. We like Gold Standard Nutrition one for taste)
  • Easy to use, just mix up with water
  • Portable, no need for a kettle!


  • Costs around £15-35 per tub
  • Will be a little more intense than coffee so best to try half a scoop on your first try!
  • Some pre workouts can cause a comedown or ‘crash’

Coffee vs pre workout – which one is for me?

Personally, I like a mix of both. Some days, particularly before a run or cardio, I would opt for a nespresso pod at home. However, if it is a day at the gym where I really need to push myself to grind out those extra reps, then I’m going to choose pre workout. I wouldn’t use a pre everyday though, probably 2 or 3 times a week, so this keeps the cost down.

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