Flex CBD


CBD oil may help you to reduce the pain and inflammation from training hard in the gym. Not only that, but it may also help with sleep, which also aids recovery.

Sooner you recover, sooner you can get back in the gym and make gains.


Flex CBD oil – 3000mg, 30% CBD

If you are someone who trains hard, chances are you’ll have DOMs time to time. This pain and inflammation could cause you to have to skip a day at the gym, hindering your gains.

Flex CBD is a potent CBD oil which may help your muscles recover faster by helping to reduce pain and inflammation from training.

This CBD oil contains zero THC and will not show up on a drugs test. It is a legal cannabinoid.

Specifications of Flex CBD

  • 10ml Hemp derived CBD oil
  • 3000mg
  • 30% concentration
  • The recommended dosage is 5-10 drops after training or in the evening
  • Each 1ml pipette holds 25 drops
  • 1 drop = 12mg
  • MCT oil as base from Coconut
  • Flavourless
  • Made in the UK using certified legal hemp
  • THC free



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