Our blend of 2 powerful SARMs osterine and ligandrol may help you to gain muscle and strength while protecting you against injury.

Take one tablet a day. 60 tablets per tub.


Ostarine/Ligandrol Sarmageddon Tabs

From Push and Pull, we saw how much you have been looking for a regular supply of SARMs and decided it’s about time we made our own.

Why Sarmageddon?

Sarmageddon contains the ones you want and ignores the ones you don’t. We also have the highest ratio of Ostarine for a blended SARM, and results for the pairing of Ostarine and Ligandrol, show the greatest gains for fat loss and lean muscle and strength gains.

Our Sarmageddon comes in tablet form which makes it perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans looking to avoid gelatine caps. The tablets contain a powerful 10mg Ostarine and 4mg of Ligandrol per tab.

60 tablets per tub.

What is Ostarine?

Used by bodybuilders and strength-based athletes, Ostarine is used for increasing muscle mass, strength and protecting heart health. It’s also effective for aiding with osteoporosis.

What is Ligandrol?

Thought of as the most active of the SARM range. Ligandrol has the following benefits.

  1. Increased muscle mass
  2. Decrease body fat
  3. Increase of strength
  4. Faster recovery
  5. Greater endurance
  6. Injury prevention
  7. Injury repair


  • 10mg Ostarine Per Tablet
  • 4mg Ligandrol Per Tablet

Serving Size

We recommend taking 1 tablet 30 minutes before training daily. Run for a period of 4-8 weeks, with Ligandrol users advised to taking a PCT for 4 weeks after. Check out our PCT here.

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