T5 Sub Zero Fat Burners


Looking for a washboard stomach? Struggling to get shift the fat? This fat burning blend of caffeine, aspirin, Ephedra works together to help you smash your goals.



T5 Sub Zero Fat Burners

A Caffeine, Aspirin, Ephedra stack – working together to get you in fantastic shape…fast!

T5 Sub Zero are built with the following goals in mind:

  1. Rapid fat burning
  2. Appetite-suppressant
  3. Increased focus and energy on reduced calorie intake

So how does this work?

T5s will let you train for longer in the gym than you would ever usually, sustaining a higher level and even being able to do it on an empty stomach due to its stimulant properties. This means more burn, less fat and a shredded washboard stomach if you work for it.

Do they have a track record I can check?

Ask Google, we won’t need to make up stories, the evidence speaks for itself.

T5 Sub Zero – Extremely powerful ECA Fat Burner.

For fat burning:

Take 1 capsule at breakfast.

If well tolerated, a second capsule can be taken after lunch.

For more energy:

As an extra energy boost for your workout.

Take 1-2 capsules about 30 minutes before training.


Ephedra 30 mg

Caffeine 250 mg

Aspirin 150 mg

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