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How Ostarine and Ligandrol Work, Fast

So, what are ostarine and ligandrol? They are both selective androgen receptor modulators, also known as SARMs.

Not really cleared that one up have we with that definition – so in simple terms, SARMs are a supplement that works in a similar way to Anabolic steroids but targets muscle tissue over organ tissue and is considered a safer alternative and a legal steroid alternative that does not generally require any of the intensive post cycle therapy. 

As they do not sit in the liver like oral steroids, milk thistle or mid-cycle therapy is not necessary either. They are tissue-selective, this is the key benefit over steroids, in that users are not seeing the organ growth and distended stomachs (Bodybuilders Gut) that comes with them.

What are some SARM supplements?


Invented in the 90s by a partnership involving GSK – GlaxoSmithKline; Cardarine is essentially a protein that increases the expressions of certain genes. Ie: it makes your body work harder in specific areas. 

In short, it is said to protect the brain and heart from oxidative stress, eg: the build-up of plaque in arteries. It does this by increasing the flow of Nitric Oxide which widens and stimulates blood vessels. It also carries the stated benefit of helping to reduce body fat by increasing the energy expenditure of muscles and stimulating the production of HDL cholesterol (The good one) which itself breaks up fatty acids and tissue. 

Cardarine was found to potentially improve the immune system as well as protect the kidneys and liver. The area that those who hit the gym would care about is whether Cardarine increases muscle strength? The answer was yes. It must be noted, that unlike the other SARMS we will discuss below, GSK ceased trials on Cardarine after 2007 as they found there was a Cancer risk in rodents tested with this product. With this finding, we will end our interest in Cardarine and look at two SARMs that have had far more supportive findings


LGD 4033 or Ligandrol as LGD is short for; is a non-steroidal supplement that binds with androgen receptors, which has steroidal effects. It has been used to treat muscle loss associated with Osteoporosis and Cancer, as it has the healing effects of taking testosterone, but is orally administered and is tissue selective. Hence the term SARM. 

A phase 1 medical study was conducted in 2017 which showed the following benefits:

  • 1.5 – 2 lbs of lean muscle mass gained in a single week
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Anti-Catabolic – LGD switches your body’s fuel source to body fat over muscle tissue; making it ideal for cutting and pre-competition.
  • Increased Periosteal bone formation; which means stronger bones and tendons and is attractive for those osteoporosis conditions

But lets not just talk up the good sides without mentioning side effects. All of which were shown to be minimal and reversible:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Hair loss
  • Hot flushes
  • Hard muscle pumps

It must be noted that none of these side effects have been directly proven to be a result of LGD and with its short half life of 24 hours (The time it lingers in the body) – these effects are short term at best.

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Also known an Enobosarm, ostarine is used to treat muscle wastage and some osteoporosis conditions. It is quickly absorbed into the body and is touted to be effective for gains in muscle size and strength. Its primary benefits are:

  • Muscular endurance
  • No decline in libido
  • Joint healing abilities
  • Increased lean mass gains
  • Anabolic even at low doses
  • Increased strength

As guinea pigs, we tried a course of ostarine prior to last summer and found it to encourage significant muscle pump, mass and strength gains.

It worked well with a slow cutting cycle and personal bests at compound exercises such as deadlift and bench press were seen. We used the Sarmageddon an Ostarine and LGD combined SARM supplement at 10mg Ostarine and 4mg LGD dose daily and saw noticeable improvements within 7-10 days.

sarmageddon ostarine and ligandrol blend

How to take ostarine and other SARMs

When establishing how to take SARMS, including ostarine, we would suggest running a 4-6 week cycle on, before cycling off for the same period to allow your body to run back to normal. Like any product including Caffeine, our body’s can develop a tolerance to things we ingest and as such, they lose the potency that encouraged us to take them. NB: I still can’t get out of bed until the Coffee fairy leaves a cup with three scoops of Millicano by me in the morning though – tolerance or no tolerance.

When taking Symbiote from Mutagenic Labz, we suggest 1-2 capsules daily taken in the morning or 3 hours prior to training. Take for 4-6 weeks before cycling off for the same period without. 

We want to hear from you if you have taken SARMS with or without success so we can find out what you think about it. Drop us a comment below or message us on our facebook to @pushandpulluk.

We hope this has offered you a little insight into SARMs and how they work. And finally, yes they SARMs are legal in the UK. Get them while you can and see how your body improves by Summer.

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*Push and Pull produce all blog posts independently of sponsorship and do so based on our own experiences of use. As an independent sports supplement store based online in the UK, and in Southend, Essex; we are free to promote or slam any brands if we feel they do or don’t offer the best value for fans of sports and fitness nutrition – 100% credibility at all times – that’s Push and Pull.

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